Dr. Liu's Lab on Marine Plankton Ecology


Name: Li Yingdong
Position: MPhil student

Research area:

Meta-genome and meta-transcriptome study of marine microorganism’s community and functional genes


MPhil student      2016-present
Division of Life Science
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

B.S. Biology 2012-2016
College of environment and Life Science
Shanghai Normal university


[1]Jiang W, He H, Y.-D. Li, et al. Taxonomic status and molecular phylogeography of two sibling species of Polytremis (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae). Scientific Reports. 2016;6:20820. DOI:10.1038/srep20820.

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[3]Y.-D. Li, X.-M. Xia, T. Ho, H. Liu (2017)Taxonomic and functional insights of the microbial communities in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean. In prep

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[5]Ying-Dong Li, Xuan Cheng, Mei Xiao, Jun Chen*. The Separation and the Degradation Kinetics Analysis of High Efficient Azoxystrobin-Degrading Bacterium. Environmental Science & Technology,. 2016,(02):11-17+132.(GCJC)

[6]Zuo-Ming Wang, Ying-Dong Li, Min-Qiang Gao, Zi Ming, Jun Chen*. The Research on Aqueous Two-Phase Extraction of HRP with Coprecipitation and Redissolving. Biological Process. 2016,(04):17-23.(GCJC)

[7]Rui Hu, Ying-Dong Li, Yi-Jing Lu, Jia-Hua Lu, Jun Chen*. The Effect of Non-Ionic Surfactant on Aquatic Life Index. Environmental Science & Technology. 2015,(S1):15-19.(GCJC)


< A high phosphate solubilizing ability of the compound agent and its preparation method>
< A method to improve the fermentation medium of Biomass Compound Bacterium and method of use>

Conference attended:

The Third Xiamen Symposium on Marine Environmental Sciences. Xiamen,  January 9-11, 2017


Bioinformatics, Football