Dr. Liu's Lab on Marine Plankton Ecology

Name:         LU, Yanhong
Position:      PhD student

Research area:  

Zooplankton associated bacteria and biogeochemical cycle.


PhD student
SZU-HKUST Joint PhD Program in Marine Environmental Science

B.S Biological Science

College of Life Sciences and Oceanography
Shenzhen University



Yan-hong LU, Cheng-chen WU, Xiao-jie XIA & An-tai WANG, 2013 Two New Species of Gieysztoria (Platyhelminthes, Rhabdocoela, Dalyelliidae) from a Freshwater Artificial Lake in Shenzhen, China, Zootaxa, 3745 (5): 569-578  

Xiao-ting Lai, Yan-Hong LU, An-Tai WANG, 2013, A New Species of the Genus Gieysztoria (Platyhelminthes, Rhabdocoela, Dalyelliidae) from China, Acta Zootaxonomic Sinica, 38 (2): 251-256

Xiao-Jie Xia, Yan-Hong Lu, An-Tai Wang, 2014, A New Species of Aequales, Genus Gieysztoria (Rhabdocoela: Dalyelliidae) from China, Zoological Systematics, 39 (2): 229-235


Email:  ylubf@connect.ust.hk

Hobbies:  Swimming; Skateboarding