Dr. Liu's Lab on Marine Plankton Ecology


          LIU Kailin

Email           kliuah@connect.ust.hk

Position         PhD Candidate

Research area    Warming effect on phytoplankton community and physiology


2015-  PhD candidate, Marine Environmental Science program (ENVS), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology(HKUST)

2012.9-2015.7  Master Degree, Xiamen University

2008.9-2012.6  Bachelor Degree, Fujian Normal University


Chen B, Liu K. Responses of autotrophic and heterotrophic rates of plankton from a subtropical coastal site to short-term temperature modulations[J]. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 2015, 527: 59-71.

Cruise Experience  

2012.7 Carbon Cycling in China Seas-budget, controls and ocean acidification(CHOICE-C): the South China Sea Summer Cruise

2012.11  Taiwan Strait Autumn Cruise

2013.7   Taiwan Strait Spring Cruise

2016.12  The R/V Hakuho Maru KH16-7 expedition: Northwest Pacific Ocean

Conferences Attended

The First Xiamen Symposium on Marine Environmental Sciences, Xiamen, January, 2014. Poster (awarded the best poster presentation of the meeting)

The HKUST-Lanzhou University Joint Energy and Environment Symposium cum Innovation Youth Camp 2016, Lanzhou, June, 2016

Asia Oceania Geosciences Society 13th Annual Meeting, Beijing, July 31-August 5, 2016. Poster


Asia Oceania Geosciences Society(AOGS)