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19/11/2013, Professor Liu gave a talk about "Application of 454 Pyrosequencing in Marine Microbial Ecology" in Roche Applied Science 2013 User Conference.

3/1/1013, Dr.  Emma Rochelle-Newall visteted our lab and gave a talk about " Impact of heavy metals on phytplankton diversity and carbon transfer in tropical coastal systems".

12/10/2012, Prof. Albert calbet from Dept. Biologia marina i Oceanografia, CSIC, Barcelona, Spain visted our lab and  gave a presentation on "The trophic roles of microzooplankton in marine pelagic food webs".

5/2012, Prof. Liu and Tracy joined mesocosm experiments in Greece.

06/2010, Cui Guo attended Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting (WPGM) in Taipei, and gave an oral presentation.