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Research Assistant

A Research Assistant position is open. The main responsibility is to work on a water quality survey project for AFCD of Hong Kong government. Day trip for field sampling on board a small research vessel is required, up to 3 days per week. Familiar with nutrient and chlorophyll a analysis is preferred. Other research duty may be required, and opportunity for further study may be possible. Please send your CV to Prof. Hongbin Liu (liuhb@ust.hk) for consideration. Initial contract is for one year and renewable depend on funding availability.


Other Job Opportunities
We are looking for motivated young man and woman to join our group to working together for exciting discovery in the fast developing field of microbial oceanography.

Available positions ranges from visiting scholar and postdoc to graduate student and research assistant. The basic requirements are: real love of marine science, solid background in microbiology or oceanography, hardworking and teamwork spirit.

For postdoc, a demonstration of ability to publish quality research papers is required. Postdoc researchers are expected to conduct independent research and supervise graduate and undergraduate students.

Our key research interest is to use both traditional and molecular methods to link microbial diversity, physiology and ecology to ecosystem dynamics biogeochemical cycling in the ocean.

Special interest in:
1) Molecular microbial ecology, especially someone who has knowledge on both marine plankton or biogeochemical processes and molecular technologies.
2) Microbial processes related to N, P and Si cycles.
3) Microzooplankton ecology, especially someone who is familiar with the feeding behavior and physio-ecology of nanoflagellates, ciliates and/or dinoflagellates.
4) Effect of global change (warming, ocean acidification, hypoxia, etc.) on plankton diversity and function (from bacteria to zooplankton).

Urgently seeking someone with experience in 1) bioinformatics, and 2) phytoplankton species identification with microscope

Please send your email of interest to Prof. Hongbin Liu (liuhb@ust.hk)